Redmann Wright, has always had a passion for fitness from a young age. Starting out at 138-140, he finally began bulking up during basic training in the army and raised his weight to 156. Diagnosed with asthma in 2002 and experiencing two almost fatal attacks he decided to make major changes in life. Fitness- Which helped his lugs become stronger. Despite all other medical challenges, he said he felt better, healthier, not to mention better shape. Due to incorporating the right training. On Becoming a certified personal trainer under ISSA in 2009,
has had a direct impact on his own rehabilitation physically and mentally. For Redmann it didn’t stop there! The passion was embedded deep, and he craved more. So he began to compete. Meeting awesome people along the journey that are just as driven as he is.” Redmann’s ambitions has driven him to retire from the military as a Combat Dis. Veteran “ TBI-S/PTSD/Depression/ severe asthma & nerve damage in both upper limbs. Despite all has Proven the mindset of the individual can promote excelling in life.
Now seeking a degree in exercise science; credentials CFT, SFN. involvement in the fitness world has led to local supplement sponsorship; ambassadorship for Vitargo. He’s blogged for Fitmarkbags, and active member of FMI GUILD alumni. Goal in mind Redmann working to become a motivational speaker. CEO & Founder of TEAM GET IT IN, LLC. Driving force of motivation and empowerment- Apparel.